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Spirometry Training Web-site including a Reference Value Calculator for calculating reference values.   Web-site developed by John L. Hankinson, Ph.D.  You can earn contact hours through M.C. Townsend Associates and NIOSH Recertification through M.C. Townsend Associates, Occupational Marketing, Inc, and Sound Solutions.
Spirometry Training Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Overview of Pulmonary Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 2 - Overview of Spirometry Click here to see sample material
Chapter 3 - Quality Assurance Procedures
Chapter 4 - Spirometric Technique Click here to see sample of Chapter 4C
Chapter 5 - Basic Spirometric Calculations
Chapter 6 - Comparison of Observed to Predicted Reference Values
Chapter 7 - Comparing Changes in Follow-Up Spirograms
Chapter 8 - Overview of Standards for Spirometry Equipment
Chapter 9 - Exercises
Chapter 10 - Additional Exercises

Training material available on Web-site  

Click here  for more information, including an introduction to the Spirometry Training materials

Also see Occspiro.com for additional information.

Last Revised 8/15/2017