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Spirometry Training Materials

Spirometry Training CD and Web-site including a Reference Value Calculator for calculating reference values, developed by John L. Hankinson, Ph.D. 
Spirometry Training CD Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Overview of Pulmonary Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 2 - Overview of Spirometry  Click here to see sample material
Chapter 3 - Quality Assurance Procedures
Chapter 4 - Spirometric Technique Click here to see sample of Chapter 4C
Chapter 5 - Basic Spirometric Calculations
Chapter 6 - Comparison of Observed to Predicted Reference Values
Chapter 7 - Comparing Changes in Follow-Up Spirograms
Chapter 8 - Overview of Standards for Spirometry Equipment
Chapter 9 - Exercises
Chapter 10 - Additional Exercises

Training material available on a CD or Web-site  

Click here to download a Macromedia Flash file to view a short introduction to the Spirometry Training for Occupational Testing

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